A Professional Dancer Explains Why SignEasy Rocks for Independent Professionals

[Left: Rebbi Rosie; Center: Alexandra Burke]

I’m a self-employed dancer. And I’m always receiving my invoices when I’m on the go. So a couple months after getting my iPhone I decided to search for a signing app in the App Store and SignEasy looked really good. After using all my free tries I bought the full version right away. I knew it was worth the money too as its mine forever and something that I will always need as long as I’m working in this field. And since having it it has made handling my invoices and payments so much easier. Before I’d have to wait till I was by laptop in order to manage my invoices and sometimes I travel out of the country without it. So now there’s no limitations to when I can sign and send them.
                                                                                                      – Rebbi Rosie

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