eSignatures Going Mainstream for Consumers

The recent acquisition of EchoSign by Adobe has proved that eSignatures (both electronic and digital) will be going mainstream soon. So far, EchoSign and DocuSign have done a great job in pioneering the adoption of eSignatures among large and medium businesses. But individuals and small businesses who are referred to as the “consumers” in the modern web have found it very difficult to adopt the incumbent eSignature solutions to suit their needs, convenience and budget. 

Consumers need something simple that gets the job done in a minute. To replace the need of a printer, scanner and fax, they should not have to understand all the details of document management and transaction workflows as found in existing enterprise focused eSignature solutions. They just want the simplicity, convenience and equivalence of “picking up a pen and signing the document” in the electronic world.

In the last year, SignEasy and few other startups such as HelloFax and SignNow have been trying to make it super easy and convenient for consumers to sign documents effortlessly at a much cheaper cost. The emergence of touch screen enable  phones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad and Android have even made it more accessible to sign from anywhere and anytime with out the need to sit in front of a computer or a browser in an office anymore.

Adobe’s entry to the eSignature industry helps the interests of both businesses and consumers to make eSignatures universal. The team at SignEasy would like to congratulate EchoSign on their success and efforts. At the same time, we believe that we are poised to play our small part in making the lives of consumers easier whenever there is that one document that is nagging them to get it signed ASAP using their mobile device.

It is not a matter of “if”, but rather “how soon” you would see people picking up their phone to sign documents and do paperwork instead of running to find a printer and a fax machine.

– Sunil Patro

Electronic Signatures Changing the Way People Work


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