eSignatures With SignEasy: Businesses Going Paperless

To celebrate Earth Day and promote awareness towards the environment, we asked our users to tell us how SignEasy allows them to contribute to the planet. We share with you the story that won the 3rd prize:

“My name is Bill Kemp and I am the owner of Kemp Windows & Siding in Richmond, Virginia. We have always been conscious about going paperless. We use to use a three part paper contract that was 8”x14”.  We would have to hand write the contract, bring back to the office to scan, and upload it to DropBox and store the paper contracts.  Now, we use SignEasy on our iPads! We type the contract in the customers’ home; they sign the contracts with EasySign and we instantly email a copy to the customer and upload to DropBox before we leave their home. No more paper and it is much more professional. Our customers also get a kick out of signing with their finger on the iPad. Thank you for helping Kemp Windows & Siding go paperless and professional with one app.”

Businesses Going Paperless With SignEasy

Thank you Bill! For your preference and for sharing your story 🙂

– SignEasy Team

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