Going Paperless with SignEasy – Happy Customer Stories!

Since the launch of SignEasy App, we have received hundreds of stories from  customers who have signed documents both in professional or personal lives – be it in the office, on the road or away on travel. These documents come from a wide variety of industries such as as real estate, IT Services, venture financing, photography and tv/film productions, healthcare, finance and human resources – you name it. We will showcase some of these stories below to describe how SignEasy saved them hassle, time and money when they needed to sign that one important document.

Arnold from USA, who travels internationally on business for extended periods of time, states:

“ this app has been great keeping up with my business needs while abroad. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Moore from UK, who works in O2, says:

SignEasy has helped in bringing his mobile office one step closer by providing the feature of signing the document when he is on the move.

UHOO Ventures, Real Estate in US:

This App has saved time and hassle removing the steps of scanning and faxing in their work  that involves lot of signatures regularly.

Amy from California, who works in FormFire Glassworks, quotes:

“I use SignEasy to fill out quarterly contracts for classes I am teaching between me and owner of the studio where I teach. This allows me to keep the entire process digital, and I don’t have to print out each file and send it off.“

Jason from Los Angeles, who works in TV productions, quotes:

“I work in the freelance world which means ALOT of paper work that needs to be signed and returned for every job. No more daily trips to Kinkos! This app does everything I need. Sign PDFs!!! Fill out ANYTHING! What more could any environmentally friendly person ask for! Save paper and $$$$$!!!! “

We’re proud to have played a small role in making their lives easier. All these stories motivate the SignEasy team come to work after waking up everyday in making
SignEasy better, faster and simpler.

If you have an interesting story on how you are using SignEasy, please write to us at support@getsigneasy.com or post a message on our facebook wall at facebook.com/getsigneasy or twitter.com/getsigneasy.

Happy Signing!

– SignEasy Team

* This blog post was written before we rebranded to SignEasy. Our brand name has been edited in the post.

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