Latest SignEasy v3.4.8 is Now Available on AppStore

We are happy to announce our latest version v3.4.8 is now available for download from App Store and you will be delighted to know that you are the voice behind the latest enhancements of this release. Thanks for your feedback!

Improvements and changes:

  • Rename both original and signed files for better file management
    If you keep signing the same document, for each client, you can now rename the signed document by customer name, date or any naming scheme you prefer.

  • Reimport the signed file back as an original
    Whenever you realize you missed inserting a signature or initial on some page while reviewing the signed document, just reimport the signed document as an original to add as many missing items are required to create the final document.
  • Insert your own signature with one single tap
    Earlier, if you weree signing a multi-page document that required your signature multiple times, you had to tap twice because you had to review the existing saved signature every time. Now, it has been reduced to just one tap. Since you already have saved your signature once, we presume that you are happy with it and hence there is no more need to review or redraw the signature.
  • Support documents of Open Office format: .odt (text) and .ods (spreadsheet)
    No longer are Open Office texts and spreadsheets going to be a deal blocker with your clients. Now you can simply tap on any .odt or .ods attachment in your email or other file sharing application on your phone and select SignEasy App.
  • Export your signature as an attachment to email
    Sometimes, you may wish to put a personal touch in an email you are sending to someone, be a client, partner or vendor. Have you ever thought: “How about your own signature?”. Well, your wish just got granted. You now have the ability to export your signature as a PNG image from the setting screen of the app. An email message window will appear where you can type in your email with your signature image at the footer.
  • UX improvements
    We added a “View/Edit” slider on each page to review your insertions easier and faster. Not only that, if you happen to be a user who imports documents by forwarding to, you can refresh your document list to see the updated list by simply doing a finger pull-down gesture, as commonly found in popular applications like Facebook, Path and etc.

We hope the latest improvements add positively to your SignEasy experience. So, download the latest version: and give it a spin.

– SignEasy Team

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