Observe Users Behavior and Then Tune Your Product

This morning, Fred Wilson (“AVC” fame), a prominent venture capitalist, blogged about Twitter’s brand new feature “Embed a tweet”, which allows users to embed a tweet post across any website/blog and provide their readers with full context to engage with the tweet directly.  Obviously, this is a great feature, but what struck me more is the pattern of Twitter’s focus on learning from their users’ behavior and then incorporating a feature in the product so that their users can perform the same task in a simpler, faster and better way.

The first instance was when @reply feature was made an official part of Twitter based on watching how the community was using it to reply to each other. The community first adopted it as an informal practice and then Twitter embraced it officially by implementing a feature. Here is the original post describing that story.

Now, this is the second such instance where Twitter, as a company, observed deeply how their community is engaging with tweets on their feed. Many times, as a writer for my blog posts, I have felt the need to take a snapshot (image) of a particular tweet and put it as an inline image in the blog to show some relevant context for a particular topic. Sure, it does the job, but it is such a cumbersome process and the tweet image itself does not have the full power of social engagement with the readers of my blog. This pain is very much shared by lots of bloggers, journalists, community managers and many other content publishers in internet community. With the latest “Embed a tweet” feature, now this pain has vanished in a single click.

At SignEasy, we believe in simplifying the lives of our users by constantly watching their interaction with our mobile signing app and listening to their feedback. That has truly benefitted us in making the product better for our users over the course of this year. I am going to share some tweets which convey that emotion from our users.

Hip Hip Hooray for “Embed this tweet” feature.

One more time…Hip Hip Hooray for “Embed this tweet” feature.

– Sunil Patro (Founder & CEO SignEasy.

* This post was written before the brand officially changed its name to SignEasy.

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