SignEasy at SFNewTech StartUp Event

Last week,  I was invited to showcase “SignEasy” iPhone App ( at the monthly startup event organised by SFNewTech ( in San Francisco.  We would like to thank SFNewTech for giving us the opportunity to demonstrate how SignEasy App enables users to sign their documents on-the-go while saving money and time by avoiding the need for printing, scanning and faxing.  We received tons of good feedback from the audience and are already working to incorporate some of the ideas to the product. So, stay tuned for our next product update very soon.

SignEasy at SFNewTech StartUp Event

We are also thankful to the following people who have helped either directly or indirectly in the creation of the company and SignEasy iPhone App.

Loganathan Sivaswamy, Satyajit Sahu , Kintan Brahmbhatt, Shantidev Mohanty, Jeffrey Fuller, Ardhendu Patri, Shivendu Jauhari, Subhash Gopinath, Adam Gries, Karla Nunez, Kapil Khosla, Vikram Arora, Soups Ranjan, Manoj Bist, Sid Choudhary, Sid Jhans, Kevin Vela, Family and last, but not the least…lots of backpacker friends who shared their thoughts being the early testers of the product during my trip through South America while building SignEasy.

Sunil Patro speaking at SFNewTech StartUp Event on behalf of SignEasy

We are also happy to be mentioned by the press in the following news articles.

Digitally sign PDF documents from anywhere with SignEasy iPhone-iPad App

Ever wanted to sign a document using the iPhone? There is an app for that

Finally, we would love to hear your feedback at support at

Enjoy signing documents on-the-go with SignEasy.

– Sunil Patro

* This post was written prior to rebranding to SignEasy.

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