SignEasy + Evernote = Your Paperless Office On-The-Go

London-based James Rye uses SignEasy and Evernote professionally on a daily basis and now enjoys the convenience of signing his files with less steps and hassle involved.

Read on and learn how you can also benefit from SignEasy’s new cloud integration:

James, how do you use SignEasy’s integration with Evernote?

I use Evernote as a personal filing cabinet and a storage system to help me run my business. I work as a psychotherapist from two offices and my clients often require me to return signed agreements, reports, and invoices which I store as a Note in my Clients Notebook. Evernote + SignEasy are the best way for me to do this!

What do you value from each product and their integration?

  • From Evernote I value the ability to put lots of things in a single Note – my comments about a document, a recorded telephone conversation, photos, handwritten or typed notes.
  • From SignEasy I love the ability to access all my documents via my iPhone/iPad, to sign and respond quickly, and to operate without resorting to physical paper.
  • Their integration gives me the ability to import files from Evernote as well as export to it. I like the way a separate new Notebook is created in Evernote for SignEasy, while the original is preserved.

 Watch the video and link your Evernote account to SignEasy now!

– SignEasy Team

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