The Making of an iPhone App in “4-Hour Workweek” Style

I’m going to share a very personal and fun video about how SignEasy App was born and built. I did most of the work with help of few people dispersed in USA and India while I was traveling in Latin America for 6 months.

The background story is that: I had enjoyed reading the “4-Hour Workweek” book by Tim Feriss. I was a big believer in the ideas and principles shared in the book. So, when I started my backpacking trip in Latin America at the end of 2009, I decided to use that opportunity to also work on my other passion of building an iPhone App based on an idea encountered during an earlier trip in the summer of 2009.

After 6 months of work while experiencing new cultures and learning new things in life, that dream of course became a reality.

OK, no more writing. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million Hope you like it.

– Sunil Patro

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Made with in USA & India