Upgrade To Latest Version of SignEasy: iOS v3.4.7

We are starting the week bringing new features to our customers:

SignEasy added support for Portuguese. It was a happy coincidence to receive AppstoreĀ“s approval of the upgrade on the same day that carnival celebrations started!

Carnival Celebration

You will also see we have enhanced the preview mode while editing. If you want to zoom into a document to read the small letters or to check where you placed an item, enable the edit switch for preview mode of your document.

 Enhanced Preview Mode While Editing

This upgrade also allows Premium account users to turn off the default email signature while forwarding signed documents. You will find this option on the settings screen.

Thanks to your feedback we are able to detect and fix bugs and develop new features to satisfy your needs. Feel free to drop us a line at support@getsigneasy.com.

– SignEasy Team

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