Why Use SignEasy? How is it Different from Other eSignature Companies?

When I originally started working on the idea for SignEasy, the primary motivation was to solve a problem that I encountered personally in my life. After searching and failing to find any solutions for signing documents on the go, I figured that there must be tons of other people who also need such a solution every day. So I decided it was worth building such a product to address this need and along the journey, a few more people came on board who shared same passion and vision.

Since we released SignEasy iPhone App in 2010, tens of thousands of customers have discovered and downloaded the App with virtually no marketing done by us.

There is no doubt that our customers understand the utility and benefit of SignEasy and appreciate its value proposition. Even members in the media community such as engadget.com, treehugger.com and the Daily App have wrote about the fresh approach we are taking through SignEasy. But I often get asked by others: How is SignEasy different from the existing online e-signature services such as the DocuSign and EchoSign’s of the world. I am writing this post to address that question and hopefully, this helps people understand the problem that SignEasy is trying to solve.

There was email before Gmail, search before Google, MP3 players from iPod and smart phones before iPhone.

In all of the above cases, there was a fresh approach needed to do the same tasks differently from the products of status-quo. We believe the individuals and businesses with a mobile workforce need a better and simpler e-signature solution which does have a stiff learning curve and which they can use on the go with out any hassle. With the advent of of iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other touch enabled phones, people are now carrying miniaturized computers on their palms. We wanted to leverage these new capabilities and hence set out on a task for ourselves to create a solution which enables us to sign documents straight from our mobile phones.

SignEasy App is a culmination of a year’s worth of efforts and it is different fundamentally from other e-Signature products in 3 ways.

1. It is optimized to provide the simplest, fastest and most user friendly experience for consumers.  Many of the existing services are focused far more on mid-size and large enterprises and also require a stiff learning curve before using their software.

2. It caters to the interests of the signer (or recipient) who wants to send the signed document asap. Others focus on the sender’s interest to get the signed document from the signer asap.

3. It focuses on mobility which means you do not have to sit front of a computer browser to sign documents.

SignEasy - Electronic Signature App
At SignEasy, we think that anyone & everyone should have the capability to sign and send documents quickly and effortlessly from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a small business owner, a photographer, or a realtor that signs documents all day, every day – our focus is to bring you the best product so that you never have to worry about needing to sign, send, and deliver an important document again.

– Sunil Patro
Founder and CEO of SignEasy

* This blog post was written before we rebranded to SignEasy, text has been edited to update our brand name.

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