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An Introduction to Electronic Signatures

In regular conversation, a lot of us tend to use the terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” interchangeably. They might seem similar, but they definitely aren’t the same. Here are a few quick pointers for you to be able to distinguish between the two. Electronic Signatures: An electronic signature, colloquially referred to as an e-signature, denotes any electronic means that indicates that a person has accepted the contents of any electronic message, or is making a confirmation that he/she is…

Written by Bhupinder
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Go Paperless & Win 10 Free Document Credits

American Airlines is replacing 40 pound paper manuals with iPads for the convenience of their pilots.

What are you doing today to go paperless? Share your story and the we will give away 10 free document credits to the best 3 entries.

– SignEasy Team

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