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eSign & Digital India – The Way Forward

The Prime Minister of India announced last week what he called the Digital India Vision, a future in which India connects citizens and ground level innovation with digital gateways. The aim is to make governance, national programs and information simpler for India's citizens. And part of the presentation included a reference to eSigning as a means to save time and make life simpler for the average Indian. Image Source as @MIB_India This is a proud moment for us. We are…

Written by Sunil Patro
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Rebuild the World Around you If you Think it Needs to be Changed – Steve Jobs

Rebuild the world around you if you think it needs to be changed.

We think this is the 140 character equivalent of the most awesome video that everyone in the world can get inspired from. No doubt it comes from the man himself, who believed in his vision and imagination through out his life.

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Sunil Patro Talks to CNBC – TV18 About SignEasy, Electronic Signature App

Early this month Sunil Patro, Founder & CEO of SignEasy, was interviewed for CNBC – TV18, India’s leading business channel covering start-ups and entrepreneurs across the country. Take a look into the present and future of SignEasy.

* This interview took place before rebranding to SignEasy.


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Go Paperless & Win 10 Free Document Credits

American Airlines is replacing 40 pound paper manuals with iPads for the convenience of their pilots.

What are you doing today to go paperless? Share your story and the we will give away 10 free document credits to the best 3 entries.

– SignEasy Team

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SignEasy Gets a Mention in Gogoinflight.com Along With Other Leading Brands

It is inspiring to be alongside great brands! Here´s a souvenir of the time gogoinflight.com wrote about SignEasy on the same page as they wrote about Amazon AppStore.

– SignEasy Team

* This blog post was written before we rebranded to SignEasy.

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SignEasy v3.1 Release Video Tour


Watch our new video tour of SignEasy’s latest v3.1 release: Newly designed UX + Tons of most requested features from our users.

* This video has been taken down due to rebranding reasons. We are working on the new video with the SignEasy logo.

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