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A 3-Step Guide to Sign any Document with SignEasy

This tutorial will teach you how easy it is to sign any document with SignEasy App after creating your account. Sign your documents in 3 simple steps: 1. Tap Sign, select the page and scroll to the spot where you need to sign. 2. Tap the pen to select your signature, drag it with your finger to the desired location and tap ‘Save’ to lock it in place. (more…)

Written by Bhupinder
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Sunil Patro Talks to CNBC – TV18 About SignEasy, Electronic Signature App

Early this month Sunil Patro, Founder & CEO of SignEasy, was interviewed for CNBC – TV18, India’s leading business channel covering start-ups and entrepreneurs across the country. Take a look into the present and future of SignEasy.

* This interview took place before rebranding to SignEasy.


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